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Components Of A Good Web Hosting Company

There are many components to a good web hosting company that need to be taken into consideration for your business, and we will outline them below.

Site Load Speed

One of the most important aspects of any online business is web hosting. If your hosting is slow, you will lose business, that much is guaranteed. People want fast load times, and they WILL click off and go to another site if your site takes a long time to load. Ideally you should find a host that offers SSD on their servers rather than standard hard drives.

At Least 99.9% UPTIME

Hosting Uptime is a critical component of a successful business. If you’re site isn’t online not only will you lose customers, but you will also lose ranking in Google SERPS. Most hosts these days have at least a 99% uptime guarantee, but be sure you check that and make sure before you buy.

Adequate Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the data that transfers to and from your website, which includes uploads, downloads, and visitors to your site. If it’s large, meaning it has a lot of content or images and has a high amount of traffic you’ll need more bandwidth, but if your site is smaller or has less traffic you won’t require as much.

Storage Space

This aspect can be critical depending on the size of your site and what type of website it is. If you’re aggregating news for example, you will need a lot of disk space to accommodate the articles and images that will be added to the website on a regular basis so you will want to keep that in mind when looking at web hosting providers.

Site Security

If you have a website you need n SSL certificate. If your site doesn’t have one all browsers will show it as insecure on the tab, and you will likely lose viewers or customers. Surprisingly not all hosts provide them with the hosting account. Some require you to pay extra for things like SSL certificates or web mail, so keep that in mind when choosing a host.


Some of the other things you need to consider when choosing a hosting company, are:

1. Do they provide FTP access to your website. It’s a good idea to have access to your website to download it and have it on your computer as well as on their server.
2. Do they provide a website backup service as part of the hosting plan? This can be a lifesaver should you every lose your site to a hacker or irreparable damage to the database.
3. Do they provide server side security measures, such as protection from DDOS attacks? Website attacks are common these days, and it’s important to at least have plugins on your site, but if the host provides some security that’s all the better.
4. Do they have good customer support? Many hosts outsource their customer support these days and I prefer having folks in the US to talk to and help me out.
5. Do they have a good site builder if you want to build your own, or do they have Cpanel (most hosts do these days) if you want to put up a WordPress website.

So keeping all this in mind, after looking at a lot of hosting providers, here are our recommendations:

Our first choice is Web Host Python which is where this website is hosted.

They meet all of our criteria and more. Their servers are screaming fast, and they provide Lightspeed caching to help with that, they also have free SSL certificates, Cpanel, a site builder, exceptional support, great bandwidth and storage, and they are a US company based in Florida and Texas. And they have a plan to suit every need.